Variable font workshop
with Typearture

GRRR X Neon Moiré — Variable font workshop with Typearture

On February, 15th 2020 digital design agency GRRR and Neon Moiré organize a one day workshop about variable fonts. The workshop is lead by Arthur Reinders Folmer from Typearture. You will learn about the variable font technology, how to implement it in CSS, and you will also create a working variable font yourself!

What will be covered?

  • Introduction: what are variable fonts, how does it work, what are the possibilities?
  • Glyphs app: how to create a letter, how to make it variable?
  • Creation: design one or more characters in Glyphs
  • Implementation: export to variable font file, set up CSS and HTML page
  • Playing: test and refine the variable font

What skills do I need?

You know how to draw in a vector based program like Illustrator, Figma, Affinity Design or Inkscape. Nice to have but not necessary: basic knowledge of html, css and Javascript.

What hardware/software do I need?

  • A Macbook(Pro)
  • A vector drawing program as mentioned above
  • If possible: a pre-installed version or free trial of Glyphs App
  • Something for making a lot of notes.

For Who?

The workshop is open to everyone interested in typeface design and technology.
There is a maximum of 30 participants.


This workshop was sold out.


Workshop schedule

  • 8:45 Doors open
  • 9:15 Morning Session
  • 13:00 Lunch
  • 13:30 Afternoon Session
  • 17:00 Drinks
  • 17:30 The End

About Typearture (Workshop Leader)

Typearture is Arthur Reinders Folmer. From his base in Haarlem he runs an illustration and design studio called Arthus and under the name Typearture he creates typefaces which are highly conceptual, illustrative or ornamental.

Arthur likes to play with the limitations of type technology. His fonts are not just collections of glyphs, but typefaces that use the conventions of type design and written language to tell their stories. To weave stories throughout a typeface, connecting A to Z and the Lemniscate to Question mark. To give each character has its place and meaning, making each keystroke a small tale in itself.

With the recent introduction of variable fonts and increasing support for color fonts, his adventures continue, using these new technologies to experiment further, hoping to find new methods for type design and use of typography.

About the hosts

Jeroen Disch is Design Lead at digital design agency GRRR. Also writer of Halfvet, a biweekly newsletter about digital design and typography. 

Thomas Dahm is an independent graphic designer/developer and creator of Neon Moiré, an online platform for design conference organizers and visitors.


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